Latarnia presents CASTILIAN CRIMSON
The Spanish Horror Film





Director: Julio Perez Tabernero
Screenplay: Julio Perez Tabernero
Music: CAM film music library
Cast: Silvia Solar, Antonio Mayans, Cris Yebenes, Montserrat Salvador, Pamela Stanford, Amparo Marsilla, Olivier Mathot
Running time: 89 minutes
A color film


CANNIBAL TERROR is a Eurocine French-Spanish co-production, which means lots of familiar Eurocine regulars like Olivier Mathot appear along with Sylvia Solar and Franco regular Antonio Mayans. A numbing atrocity which actually contains some native footage (in letterboxed aspect ratio) from Franco's somewhat similar WHITE CANNIBAL QUEEN. The fullscreen video I have looks pretty bad but then the film is a classic of le bad cinema.

Julio Perez Tabernero, a former actor, got in shape for this mess by directing the delightful sado-giallo SEXY CAT (based on a sleazy comic book), with German Cobos as a rumpled PI. He also edited a cut of Franco's MIDNIGHT PARTY (1975). Those are fun flicks, TERROR is a different story. You can laugh at it but never WITH it.

Filmed in Alicante (Francoland) and surrounding Spanish locations, this is a wretchedly photographed, unintentionally humorous gorefest. Mayans heads a crime ring which abducts the daughter of Dauville (Mathot), an auto magnate. They head straight for Indio territory to hide out until the ransom arrives (never a good idea to head for Indio country). The cannibals attack, ripping the guts out of one of the female criminals and chowing down in disgusting detail. The survivors arrive at Antonio's, a mean looking guy with Pamela Stanford as his slutty wife. Stanford, of course, was LORNA-THE EXORCIST, a great little Franco ditty from the mid 70s. Mayans rapes Pam and gets tied to a tree by Antonio, who then whistles for the cannibals, the signal that dinner is served. More disgusting gut munching. It gets absurder by the moment with the strangest Eurotrash score you've ever heard. Primitive direction (there's even an iris in-out on one scene) telegraphs every crude detail. It sure doesn't stint on the gore and sleaze (and Ms. Stanford does get nude). One of the worst and a must-see. Tabernero hid behind the name Allan Steeve.

-- Reviewed by Robert Monell