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(Caltiki, the Immortal Monster) - 1959





(Caltiki, the Immortal Monster, Caltiki, le monstre immortel)

Dir: Riccardo Freda (as Rombert Hampton); Prod: Galatea Films/Climax Pictures; S: Filippo Sanjust (as Philip Just)i; Ph: Mario Bava (as John Foam); SFX: Mario Bava (as Marie Foam); Music: Roman Vlad; Cast: John Marivale, Didi Sullivan (Didi Perego), Gerard Herter, Dianiela Rocca, Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Vittorio Andree, Daniel Vargas (Daniele Pitani), Arthur Dominick (Arturo Dominici), Black Bernard (Nerio Bernardi, Rex Wood, Gay Pearl. B&W; 76 min.

While Freda and Bava's previous collaboration, I VAMPIRI, inspired new forms in the genre on an international level, CALTIKI was itself inspired by the success of Britain's THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT (1956) and America's THE BLOB (1958). It was also not the first Italian film to contain a science-fiction element. That honor goes to LA MORTE VIENE DALLA SPAZIO (aka THE DAY THE SKY EXPLODED), a Paulo Heusch film that employed Bava as cinematographer. As he had done in the last days of shooting I VAMPIRI, Freda walked off the Caltiki set, leaving the directing solely to Bava, who had contributed to other sequences prior to Freda's departure. In an interview in HORROR ALL'ITALIANA, Freda admitted, "I don't consider it to be my movie. There are monsters, space jelly-fish. That's Bava's stuff, honestly, it's his genre." The finished product is typical stuff from Freda and Bava: moody, atmospheric, and eerily unforgettable once seen.